Customer:  German automotive supplier.
Challenge:     Planning and production of a system for the assembly and in particular the 100 % end-of-line test of front headlights with DLP modules.

The assembly of the DLP module takes place on a total of five stations, each of which carries out one work step. By using camera systems and 3D portals, the individual components are positioned with high precision and bonded using UV adhesive.

A specially developed curing process ensures that components retain their exact positioning when the UV adhesive is cured and that this positioning is not distorted by expansion of the adhesive or other influences during the process.

The end-of-line test takes place at a sixth station and checks the finished assembled product according to the customer's specifications. In addition to the general function and quality, the light intensity or the signal-light function, for example, are also checked.

Procedure used: High-resolution machine vision, reliable measurement and testing
Benefit of the concept: High-precision positioning of the DLP chip and fully-automatic functional testing after assembly.