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Micro-positioning is required in many different industry segments. It is often used without being detected in applications such as cars, cameras or projectors. In such applications, small but precise movements can significantly improve performance and ease of use.

Robooptic Systems has experience in developing micro-positioning applications in the industrial, medical, optical and automation sectors. The demand for a broader and more efficient use of micro-positioning is growing every day as a result of the tendencies towards miniaturisation in electronics and its wider use in application areas. We always provide our customers with the best advice and deliver the latest technologies for micro-positioning in our systems.

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About micro positioning in general

It is becoming increasingly important in industry to maintain ever greater accuracy. The trend, for example in chip manufacturing, printed circuit board production and especially in surface inspection, is already going into the sub-nm range with displacement of up to several 100 mm. For a long time, classic methods and systems have not been able to keep up with this trend.

The Six Axis Unit, designed and patented by Robooptic Systems, ensures that users from the most diverse fields can find a "customised" drive solution even when the application requires extreme resolutions with simultaneously large displacements.

In general, movements with resolutions of less than 1 µm and displacements of a few mm to several 10 mm are calculated for micro-positioning. Typically, drives with electric motors and spindles are used for this purpose. Our Six Axis Unit takes advantage of our expertise in machine vision and uses six miniature axes to precisely position an alignment piece with a grid of 5 nm.