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Robooptic Systems is the first point of contact for companies whose production processes require functionalities such as high-resolution machine visionmicro positioning, manipulation and adjustmenthighly-accurate precision bonding, and reliable measuring.


 Icon Machine Vision

Machine vision

Our domain is the integration of sophisticated image-processing systems into the manufacturing, measuring and testing processes of production facilities.

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Icon Micropositioning

Micro positioning

We serve users from a wide range of fields with customised solutions for micro-positioning, even if the application requires extreme resolutions with large displacement.

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Icon Precision bonding

Precision bonding

The successful combination of our experience in machine vision, micro-positioning and robotics enables us to create efficient production systems for automated, high-precision bonding processes.

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Icon Precision Measuring

Precision measuring

With our in-house developed image-processing systems, as well as high-precision sensors, we develop end-of-line test stations for production control in various industries from medical to lighting technology.

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