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Precision measuring

Precision Measuring aids in maintaining quality control in production. Robooptic Systems offers years of experience in precision measuring for quality control in our production facilities.

With our in-house developed image-processing systems as well as high-precision sensors, we develop end-of-line test stations for production control in various industries from medical to lighting technology.




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About precision measuring in general 

As production processes require ever higher accuracy, the inspection of components must obviously be performed with ever smaller margins of error. By means of precision sensors in combination with our vision systems developed in-house, we at Robooptic Systems measure height, width, angle, radius, thickness and other specific dimensions of the products and components produced in our systems.

Product and workpiece grippers are manufactured with high precision depending on the application and ensure that the parts to be measured remain fixed during processing. Using indicators at predefined points in the process sequence, the smallest distances and angles are detected with the highest accuracy, thus ensuring quality control thanks to machine vision.