The 3-Chip-Alignment-Station is the fully-automatic alignment, measurement and bonding of optical 3-chip systems. It is used for 3-chip DLP and LCOS projectors as well as 3-CCD cameras for medical technology. Robooptic Systems offers fully-automated software with high accuracy and integrated data management.

MicroAlign CS1.2

MicroAlign is used for alignment and mounting of micro displays. A typical light engine has 3 micro displays that need to be precisely mounted to achieve maximum projector performance. The MicroAlign uses the 6-axis robot MA-100, developed Robooptic Systems exclusively for this purpose.

The alignment accuracy of the micro-display is only part of the task.

The micro-display must be mounted and the precision must be maintained over the lifetime of the projector. Robooptic Systems uses the company's own "active curing process" for precise mounting of the micro-display.

MA100 Six Axis Unit - A powerful alignment tool

Robooptic Systems has developed a powerful alignment tool that is easy to work with. It has a reliable closed-loop resolution and outstanding, user-friendly software with our open architecture, which includes an interface for customer programming functions. All software is compatible with C ++ and LabView. For rotational movements, you can define a virtual point of rotation or position it freely within the room.