Machine Vision

As a technology leader in the field of production automation using camera-guided processes for high-precision machines, systems and production facilities, we support our customers in improving their market position and increasing their productivity and quality of production.


Machining Solutions

Focusing on the financial possibilities of our customers, we create production solutions that meet the highest demands. We enable our partners worldwide to establish new standards in their production processes, thus enabling them to further consolidate their market leader position. The main goal is to replace complex manual processes with automatic camera-guided processes.


Automations Solutions

We provide our partners with excellent automation solutions they succeed with around the world. In collaboration with AutomationX, a GAW Group company, we are able to draw on sound know-how from other sectors, such as the food industry. Through close collaboration, completely new areas of application for our vision systems are created where one would never have suspected them before.


Experience our Know How in Excellence

Excellence requires experience. We have been able to build up comprehensive expertise in the production technologies of our customers through a multitude of successful projects. We constantly focus on applications at the beginning of their product life cycle to generate sufficient growth potential for follow-up business. Already more than 90 % of all cinema projectors in the world are produced annually on Robooptic Systems equipment.