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 Markus Simschitz (DI)

General Management

Siegfried Lösch (Dr.)
Chief Technical Officer

Karl Koitz (Ing., MBA)
Head of Operations


Dear business partners,

Robooptic Systems is the first port of call for companies with highly automated production processes that require functions such as high-resolution machine vision, micro-positioning, high-precision bonding and reliable measurement and testing.

We work with the precision of light, using proprietary technologies to implement production, measurement and test methods for products that could not be realised using conventional methods.

With our experience spanning more than two decades, we are considered the technology leader in the areas of high-precision processing systems and automation solutions. We enable our customers worldwide to set new standards in their production processes and support them in achieving and maintaining a leading position in their markets.

Excellent efforts at an international level with a multitude of applications have long been our daily bread. Robooptic Systems is rooted in the Austrian culture of innovation and pioneering spirit and is a leading partner of companies in the automotive lighting industry working together on laser light modules, OLED technology and LED DMD projectors.

From the very beginning, our working principle has been characterised by collaboration in the customer development process. This approach allows us to find the best possible solution and to meet all requirements within the planned time schedule. Since the entire process from research and development, prototyping and testing to inline implementation is done internally, we achieve a high degree of agility and adaptability.

We look forward to new challenges!