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Software plays the decisive role in machine vision technology. Because no matter how well the other components work, the software is the decisive factor for the functionality of the system.

This made it obvious for us to develop original image-processing software enabling the customer to solve demanding tasks and to exploit the full potential of his production system.

Our image-processing software has been consistently further developed for 20 years and is modified by our specialists for each application according to customer specifications. Our aim is to constantly push the boundaries between what is technically and economically feasible.



Below we have summarised information and distinguishing features showing you why the image-processing technology from GAW Robooptics is light years ahead of the competition.


  • Sophisticated image-processing algorithms for subpixel-accurate measurement
  • Automatic self-calibration routines
  • Simulation and analysis tools for accuracy determination
  • Links to all common database types
  • 3-D robot control